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A Collection Curated

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Our Culinary Portfolio

Welcome to our captivating portfolio, where culinary artistry and taste converge to create a symphony of delightful creations. Explore our distinguished brands, Chefmaster and Carolina Cookie Company, each with its own rich history and exceptional offerings. Chefmaster, a trailblazer since 1938, brings vibrant food colorings and high-quality decorating products that ignite creativity in every kitchen. Meanwhile, Carolina Cookie Company, founded in 1987, embodies the essence of Southern hospitality with its freshly baked, handcrafted cookies, perfect for gifting or savoring yourself. Indulge in our collection of culinary gems and experience the magic of flavors that leave a lasting impression.


Over 95 Years of Excellence - Chefmaster, Your Trusted Source for High-Quality Food Colorings.

Carolina Cookie Company

The freshest cookies delivered,

since 1987.



We help you celebrate

Where Colorful Creations Begin

Founded in 1938 in Southern California by a group of Pastry Chefs originally wanting to create high-quality food colors for their own culinary creations, Chefmaster gained an outstanding reputation for quality, expertise and reliability and grew to become one of the leading manufacturers of food colorings in the US. Over the years, Chefmaster established a strong brand loyalty and following among industry experts, food and beverage manufacturers, professional bakers, mass merchandisers, retailers, and home bakers alike. Expanding its capabilities beyond food colorings, Chefmaster now offers its customers, both nationally and internationally, an ever-expanding range of high- quality decorating products from meringue powder to glazes, icings, and so much more.

A Taste of Southern Hospitality

Since 1987, Carolina Cookie Company had been crafting, baking, and delivering mouth- watering treats to discerning customers across the United States. Prepared fresh everyday using only the finest ingredients, every Carolina Cookie is baked, packed, and shipped by hand, in the tradition of homemade Southern Hospitality, setting Carolina Cookie Company apart from competitors. Whether you are ordering for a friend, relative, customer, employee or simply treating yourself, you will find that Carolina Cookie Company fresh, chewy cookies, unique packaging options and corporate branding programs are the perfect gift for any reason and any season.

CAROLINA Cookie Company
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