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Byrnes & Kiefer Company:

A Legacy of Taste and Innovation

Crafting Quality, Spreading Delight 
A Journey of 120 Years

Welcome to the timeless tale of Byrnes & Kiefer Company, where passion, innovation, and a relentless commitment to excellence have been the ingredients of our success for over a century. Founded in 1902, we started as humble suppliers of baking essentials, and through four generations of family dedication, we've evolved into a renowned global brand, creating a delectable array of baked goods and specialty treats. Join us on this savory journey as we continue to redefine the food industry and delight taste buds worldwide.

Byrnes & Kiefer Company vintage box
Great Grandpa Byrnes Photo
Our Origins

Throughout over one century, Byrnes & Kiefer (B&K) remained committed to invest into hidden gems within the food industry, companies and employees sharing the same passion at the core of the Byrnes’ family business philosophy for providing quality services and products to their customers. B&K business adventure started in 1902, when E.C. Byrnes left his sales job with a bakery products supplier and teamed up with his accountant to found Byrnes & Kiefer Company in Pittsburgh’s famed Strip District. Byrnes & Kiefer started modestly by supplying molasses, baking powder, flour, and other baking products to customers in Pittsburgh and neighboring areas. Over the years, and under the management of first E.C. Byrnes, and then his son E.G. Byrnes Sr, the company enjoyed steady growth and expanded its product line to include an extensive array of baking supplies and baked goods under several brand names, becoming one of the leading bakery distributors in the area.

From Distribution to Manufacturing

Under the guidance of its founder’s grandson, E.G. Byrnes Jr, B&K expanded to produce an array of baked goods under the Byrnes & Kiefer brand, as well as specialty recipes created for retail, foodservice and convenience store customers. In 1987, to support its ongoing growth, B&K consolidated its product development and production operations in a 60,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Callery, Pa., north of Pittsburgh. At its peak, the Byrnes & Kiefer product line included nearly 300 unique items, most of them offered either frozen ready-to-bake or in a thaw-and-sell format. Each product was crafted using the highest quality ingredients, featuring traditional preparation methods, and finished with a hand-made touch that distinguished B&K products from all others in the marketplace and allowed the company to extend its customer base throughout the United States

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From Manufacturing to Global Expansion

One of the keys to our company's long-term success is the Byrnes’ family commitment to proactively understanding and adapting to the ever-changing needs of their customers and the food industry in general. 

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Carolina Cookie Company


Byrnes & Kiefer Company party 120

B&K started diversifying its business in 1979 with the acquisition of Reymers’ Blend, a local manufacturer of a lemon-flavored beverage concentrate that was a longtime favorite in the Pittsburgh region.



In 1984, B&K continued to set the stage to expand its product portfolio with the acquisition of Chefmaster, a California-based manufacturer of food colorings, icings, liquid flavorings, meringue mixes and pastry bags. Under the management of E.C. Byrnes great grandson, Chefmaster became B&K’s flagship brand, expanding its capabilities beyond food coloring, growing its position both nationally and internationally and introducing the Byrnes & Kiefer name to markets all over the globe.


In 1997, Charlie’s Specialties Cookie Company, manufacturer of a wide range of specialty cookies, brownies, pastries and dumplings in ready-to-bake or thaw-and-sell formats, was the next company to join the Byrnes & Kiefer family.


In 2018, B&K acquired Carolina Cookie Company, a manufacturer and e-commerce gourmet cookie company located in Southern Carolina and shipping mouth-watering treats across the United States.


2022 was a milestone year for Byrnes & Kiefer Company as we celebrated our 120 th anniversary. To this day, B&K remains a family-owned company, dedicated to the business principles and entrepreneurial spirit of its founder. Committed to diversification and global expansion under the guidance of E.C. Byrnes’ great grandson, Byrnes & Kiefer Company is already working on writing the next chapter of its business story.

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