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Family-owned since 1902

Byrnes & Kiefer is committed to investing into hidden gems within the food industry, continuing to evolve and adapt with the ever-changing needs of our customers and marketplace.

Our Exquisite Portfolio

Welcome to our illustrious portfolio, where taste and creativity come together to elevate your culinary experience. Each brand represents a unique journey of passion and dedication, curated to delight discerning palates and inspire culinary enthusiasts. From vibrant food colorings to handcrafted, mouth-watering treats, our portfolio showcases the essence of quality, tradition, and innovation. Explore the world of Byrnes & Kiefer Company's esteemed brands and discover a symphony of flavors that cater to professionals and home bakers alike.

chefmaster logo

Discover the Art of Culinary Expression with Chefmaster. Born in 1938 from the creative minds of Pastry Chefs in Southern California, Chefmaster has flourished into a renowned pioneer in high-quality food colorings and decorating products.

Experience Southern Hospitality, One Cookie at a Time. Since 1987, Carolina Cookie Company has been crafting irresistible, freshly baked cookies that delight taste buds across the United States. Our commitment to using only the finest ingredients and hand-packing each treat ensures that every cookie carries the essence of homemade goodness.

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